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"Hutsul Cheese Paths" is a unique Ukrainian cheese route along the mountain trails, which lead to Hutsuls and introduce the centuries-old traditions of cheesemaking, sheep and cattle breeding.

While traveling the “Hutsul Cheese Paths” you can visit unique gastro-tourist locations that are associated with the registered geographical indications "Hutsul sheep bryndzya" or "Hutsul cow bryndza". These cheeses were the first in Ukraine to receive the protected designation of origin, which confirmed their uniqueness, quality and cultural value.

The technology of production of "Hutsul sheep bryndzya" has been preserved at least since 15-th century and "Hutsul cow bryndza" since 18-th century. Eversince it has hardly changed: handmade, using traditional, environmentally friendly, wooden utensils and milk from aboriginal breeds. This unique experience can be shared directly with the producers in the meadows, in the tasting rooms, in the selling points and promotion spots of Carpathian cheeses, in museums and other places that are united into the route "Hutsul cheese paths".

The locations of the route can be identified by a special sign - the logo "Hutsul cheese paths". It guarantees the quality of gastronomic and tourist services and confirms the cultural and historical value of the location. Visits to the locations of "Hutsul cheese paths" provide unforgettable impressions, introducing the traditions and unique cheese flavors.



Locations of the route of Verkhovyna district

  • «Krynta» highland farm

    The Krynta mountain meadow is a place at an altitude of about 1300 m above sea level with a unique view of the Chornohirskyi massif with tops covered with snow in early summer. It is so beautiful here that it is difficult to choose a specific place for a photo - nature has created a continuous photo area on Krynta. However, the main feature of the meadow is the farm. During the summer and early autumn, shepherds live on the high meadow, graze cows, and make traditional dairy products of unique ecologically clean milk.

  • «Bybratkivka» highland farm

    Bybratkivka is a highland farm with a long history. The grandfather of the current owner Ivan Maksymyuk senior managed it. He had a nickname - Bybratko - so the meadow was named after him. He later handed over his business to his son, who was in charge of it during Soviet collectivization with all its consequences. In 2011, Ivan Maksymyuk senior decided to reopen his grandfather’s and father’s business and started building a household in Bybratkivka.

  • «Skupova» highland farm

    The farm is located on a mountain meadow at the foot of Mount Skupova (1579 m above sea level) - the highest peak of the Krynta-Skupova ridge. This is a place with extraordinary breathtaking mountain views. Here, several dozens of cows are grazed on the unique alpine grasses, milked exclusively by hand, and the traditional Hutsul cow bryndza and budz cheeses and natural butter are made from this unique milk.

  • «Shchivnyk» highland farm

    Shchivnyk highland farm is located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level on the ridge from Mount Pip Ivan Chornohirsky to Mount Stig (Marmaros Massif), below Mount Vyhid, on the interfluve of Chorny Cheremosh and Bila Tysa. It got its name due to horse sorrel, which grows here a lot.

    About 100 cows and horses graze here. Farmers produce and sell budz, Hutsul cow bryndza, wurda and cow milk. There is also a spring with delicious water and “Burkut” - a thermal spring of mineral water. The farm has...

  • «‎Lukovytsia» highland farm

    The highland farm of "Hryniavske Forestry" is located on a mountain Meadow Lukovytsya at an altitude of 1503 meters above sea level. Budz, Hutsul cow bryndza and Wurda cheeses are made here from pure highland milk. The peculiarity of the farm in Lukovytsia is that in addition to cows, sheep are also grazed here and unique products are made from a mixture of cow and sheep milk.

    You can get to Lukovytsia by SUV from the villages of Probiynivka and Yavirnyk. This trip takes about 2 hours, after which, surrounded...

  • Marusyak family household
    «Grazhda house on mount Ihrets»

    In the settlement of Ihrets next to the village of Kryvorivnia at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level, the only operating grazhda house in Ukraine is located. This is not a museum with collected exhibits, but a real household, where the Marusyak family lives and runs the farm. The family keeps sheep and cows, makes budz, Hutsul cow bryndza, butter, guslyanka, dried mushrooms.

    You can get to the estate by foot from the village of Kryvorivnya - such a walk will take 1.5-2 hours or from the village of Bukovets - 1 hour on foot. From here you...

  • «Zgarda» family farm

    The farm "Zgarda '' is located in the village Synytsi which is a part of Verkhovyna, 6 km away from the downtown and  5 km away from tourist site “Dovbushevi komory”. The farm is more than 200 years old, there is a large garden with fruit trees, which is over 100 years old. Cows are also kept here. According to ancient Hutsul traditions, they use the milk to produce Hutsul cow bryndza, budz, huslyanka and butter.

    The journey by SUV to the farm "Zgarda" from Verkhovyna takes about...

  • «Syrna lavka» tasting room, shop

    Tasting room "Syrna lavka" is located 5 minutes of walk away from the center of Verkhovyna on Hrushevskoho str., 12. Guests are offered a tasting of traditional Hutsul cheeses from cow and sheep milk, as well as a collection of original locally made cheeses.

    Cheese in the "Syrna lavka" is paired with wine or herbal tea and complemented...

  • «Kopalnia bryndzy» tasting room, shop

    Kopalnia Bryndzy” is a place where they will tell you about the traditions of Carpathian cheesemaking, share family stories, show the traditional equipment for making Hutsul cheeses and, of course, let you taste authentic Carpathian cheeses. Along with the traditional Hutsul cow bryndza, budz and wurda, you can try other original cheeses here.

    Colorful and cozy tasting room is located...

  • Ethnographic Museum of Hutsul Antiquities

    The Ethnographic Museum of Hutsul Antiquities in the village of Kryvorivnya is a unique place that introduces the ethno-social system of Hutsul region, its archaic components: gathering, hunting and fishing, pastoral highland meadow economy, wooden architecture and construction, mountain logging and rafting, ceramics, brass etc.

    The exposition of the museum presents ancient documents, personal awards, coins and banknotes of different historical...

Locations of the Rakhiv district route

  • «Shysa». Highland farm of Dmytro Shusman & Oleksandr Martyn

    Shysa is an extremely beautiful mountain meadow above the Kvasy village. There is a spring with mountain water, and from the афкь itself there is a wonderful view of the Svydovets and Chornohirskyi mountain ranges. Shysa is located next to the resort of Dragobrat and tourist routes to the mountain Blyznytsi and Svydovets massif.

    You can get here by off-road vehicle...

  • Okole pass. Highland farm «Chorna Tysa +»

    “Chorna Tysa +” farm operates in several locations: on the Okole pass, mountain meadows Levkovets and Poharskyi. Each of these places opens up the Carpathian landscapes in a special way.The locations of the farm are close to the source of the river Chorna Tysa, and they can be reached by the off-road vehicle from the village Chorna Tysa. The journey takes about 2-3 hours.

    "Chorna Tysa +" is interesting for visitors because it is open for guests not only during the summer season. Different tourist activities are offered...

  • «Baltsatul» highland farm

    The Baltsatul mountain meadow is located on a picturesque highland at the foot of Mount Pip Ivan Chornohirskyi. There is a pond and a vat on the farm. From here it is close to the remains of the fortifications of the world wars and to the lake Brebeneskul.

    You can get to the meadow by foot, but you should prepare yourself for a 12 hour-long journey from Rakhiv. The simplest and the most...

  • «Windrose» Tasting tourist site

    The Windrose mountain meadow is located at an altitude of 1150 m above sea level on the Mountain Lysa near Rakhiv. Here you can observe one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Carpathian mountains. You can get to the meadow by foot from Rakhiv - it will take 2-3 hours. Also you can drive an SUV and it will take 40-60 minutes.

    This is one of the few mountain sites that can be visited at any time of the year. In summer, excursions are held here, you can watch sheep grazing, take photos with them, collect medicinal herbs, taste traditional cheese “Budz”, “Hutsul sheep bryndzya”, “Wurda”, Carpathian honey from mountain herbs, jams, herbal teas, traditional spirit drinks...

  • «Franko 3» Tasting gastro location

    Art-cafe “FRANKO’3” is an artistic and gastronomic location in the center of Rakhiv, on Frankostr., 3. The art space “FRANKO’3” offers an opportunity to taste the products of traditional Hutsul cheesemaking, in particular Hutsul sheep bryndzya, sheep wurda and budz. They also prepare a variety of dishes here - both traditional Transcarpathian and with creative modern combinations.

     For their guests owners of the art cafe can organise cultural and entertainment events  with the participation of amateur and / or professional musical bands...

  • Museum of Hutsul Bryndzya

    The Hutsul Bryndzya Museum is a place where traditional Hutsul life is combined with modern technologies. With the help of virtual reality glasses, guests can visit a real highland meadow with sheep and see how life goes there. You can also "listen to the stories of postcards” about grazing, milking sheep and making bryndzya - this is an augmented reality technology.

    This extremely cozy place is a "link" between producers and consumers of traditional Hutsul cheese....